You know it's an election year when...

When the government of the day asks you what you'd like, then makes it happen within weeks.

A couple of weeks ago there was a major youth consultation made by our provincial Government. They asked what the priorities of the youth would be, and one of those priorities mentioned, was WiFi coverage in our major cities.

Today they announced a million dollar initiative in which the cities of Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, and Moose Jaw would get free WiFi in their downtown business areas.

Now, to be sure I'm not complaining, (think sermon prep in the park,) in fact it's one of the things that I thought should help move a city ahead, in an information age.

And it won"t be high-speed, but it should be enough for you to accomplish a few things while you"re on the road, or having a meeting in an outdoor café, or studying in the park.

Let"s just hope they get it implemented before the next election.



  1. That is pretty cool.

    But then I remember what services they are not funding - or increasing funding to to meet current needs.

    Maybe we need to be sure our youth are kept up to speed on a wide variety of issues since their opinions are important to government.

  2. I like free stuff.

    However I wonder whether rural Saskatchewan residents, with their slow dial-up Internet connections tying up their phone lines, might have preferred that the money go toward infrastructure development.

    This government's support base isn't rural.


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