"This is causing me to hunger for beauty."

Thursday, March 01, 2007
Was a quote from a classmate of mine.

Hunger for beauty - that is an insightful phrase.

It feels for me too that I have been on a long fast of things of beauty.

And when one goes without beauty in their lives they begin to starve and hunger and crave, until they put up with trite little things that satisfy for only a moment. A cheap joke or an empty song or an hour of dry television, just to help them get through the day.

Perhaps there is a famine in the land for beautiful things.


  1. Incidentally, if your classmate's quote comes from a classic of Christian mysticism (i.e Theresa of Avila or someone), then Croegaert's song might actually be based on that work...

  2. I am noticing that, for myself, I have been bombarded by the ugly. The other day as I registered a poor young man brought in to the hospital in police custody, his parents' last hope to get him off the drugs that had blackened his life, his tears and fear broke my heart. He is just the beginning. It seems like the "ugly" in people is more prominent right now or maybe that is just what I am focusing on. I am definitely in need of beauty and I think that is why I am craving being with my kids; I am missing the beauty I see when I look into their eyes and see that purity and that love.

    I also think, Randall, that too many people crave and hunger for superficially beautiful things instead of something that is, truly, beautiful. Just some ramblings from an over-tired gal; that's all.


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