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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
I left early for the office this morning, I needed to find the quiet that my life hasn't afforded me lately.

It's to reorient my inner compass, to give my spirit time to catch up with me. Even simply to afford myself the luxury of sitting and being still, that is a treat to me.

Thoughts jumbling through my head.


Of all that I have. Everything my life has been blessed with.


Where this will all lead. How to enjoy it all more, take it all in. Give it more meaning.
And, if I'm honest, worrying...

Should I continue, (with my class on Spiritual Direction), should I press in or should I cut my losses and move on.

I don't have a great sense of accomplishment in my work right now.
It feels something like it must have felt to be a stone mason who would spend his whole working career building one of those great churches, back in the fifteenth or sixteenth century. Each day a little more was accomplished, but you couldn't see the effect of your work because the stone you shaped was put in place near the top of the structure, far from your view. Still, each day you returned and hammered chisled and shaped your way through your life.

I imagine some days it got downright monotonous, especially if you were good at chiselling out blocks of stone. Maybe you'd like a chance at shaping one of those Gargoyles, but those opportunities never came to you, because you were good at those square blocks. So you keep on shaping cubes, all. life. long.

Anyway, my next opportunity has arrived now, I should get back to this work.

May you find your day fulfilling, what ever you do with it.

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