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Monday, March 19, 2007
I realized today that this May will be the 5th birthday of randallfriesen.com. Wow, five years. I should do something big to recognize it.

Maybe a party or some such thing. Balloons, clowns, cake, shooters, you know, a party.

Or maybe I should celebrate quietly, with a little online quiz and prizes for the winners.

Or maybe a trip/vacation to, I don't know, Turkey or some such place.

Or maybe, along the lines of quitting while you're ahead, I should just post my last post, and close up shop. Slip quietly into the night, and be gone.

I dunno, I have some time though.

And now I'm off to a meeting in a distant city. Work related, and I won't be back till late tonight.


  1. Close up shop? Where will I buy my daily bread?

  2. Na, as soon as I typed it I thought where would I get my occasionally need output.

    but yeah, wouldn't that be dramatic?

  3. I was going to say it would be classy (in a way) to bow out while you're riding high, kind of like Bill Watterson & Gary Larson.

    But I wouldn't want to see you go either.

  4. Um...i actually stopped reading the Newspaper since I discovered your blog.
    You CAN'T quit! you hear me! You simply must keep publishing such fascinating epoch events.
    I WILL DIE if you stop blogging....okay, maybe not die so much as be a little sad for like 10 minutes or so. But still..10 minutes of sadness--is it worth it? I THINK NOT!

  5. I may have had a panic attack as I read those words...either that or it was just gas...grin

  6. Now, if you quit, we will loose a valuable voice on the Prairies. 5 years, it just gets better from here on out. I come here every day to read and have for a long time.

    Maybe we should pray, then sit and listen for the answer and see what God will tell us...


  7. Geez.... All you people are drawn to the negative.... Closing up shop was only one of the options (and possibly the worst).

    Maybe you could have a contest like a "RandallFriesen.Com Limerick" competition. Everyone loves a bawdy, low brow limerick. Except my gramma....

  8. Bonjour!

    I think the party at hooters sounds like a great idea: that was what you wrote, wasn't it

    BTW I wonder how Johanna learned to use a funny foreign keyboard

  9. NOOOOOOOO!!! you're not allowed to shut shop. Just have an ace party instead, that would be good :-)

  10. Clearly the best option is that you fake your own death and disappear into the shadows, starting up an anonymous blog filled soley with your greatest of passions and despairs, much like some sort of 'Phantom of the Blogosphere'.

    Then when others are once again uncontrollably drawn to your ponderings you can emerge from the shadows (aka: your basement) and reveal the truth to all.

    After that I guess you'd probably end up back where you are now, just cooler.

    Well, give it some thought.

  11. I vote for a party. Everyone could come from all over the globe. Lauralea could make your favourite snacks - whole wheat and bran apple cinnamon turnovers - and there would be lots for everyone!

    Or a contest where you could award the winners your favourite snacks as prizes!

  12. Ha! Linea, you know him so well... but I like the party idea. Maybe if the snow ever goes away, and if there is still a fire pit out there, we should have a rip roaring bonfire and roast wienies and marshmallows. Yeah... a party... that's the ticket...

  13. Ok so, moving away from the cool option, (Just disappearing and let people continue to leave comments and speculate on my sudden demise) seems sudden and, well I hate it when other bloggers do that to me. We move on to the party idea.

    So, if we roasted, ahem, wienies, who of you would come?

    (remembering that those from other countries would be allowed to crash in our house.)

    Any takers?

  14. I'm there. There's nothing like a well-roasted weinie!

  15. I'd come!

    If you'd...uh...pay the transport....

  16. The party sounds like fun, but if you serve grits I'll pass.

  17. Serve weinies and grits and I'll come.

  18. Uhhh I would pass on the weinies for me but if I could bring my entourage they would definitely be up for that... Me... I would bring the fixin for smores and I am going to start studying every blog post over the last five years cuz I am winning Trivial Pursuit: the randallfriesen.com edition

  19. I'm a bit with Johanna on this one. Although I suspect Friesen funds are slightly less available than Ertl ones.

    Seriously, if you're fed up with blogging then just give it a rest for a bit - those that care will understand.


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