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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
To those of late who have been leaving anonymous comments on this webspace.

If indeed you desire communication and dialogue it is helpful for both parties to be able to communicate to people who have a name and a story. It is difficult to communicate with an individual who refuses to be known. It forces me to make unfair assumptions about your agenda and concerns. And I don"t want to be unfair.

You have made assumptions about me based upon the limited things that are written here. I am being forced to do the same regarding yourself, because I simply don"t know you.

Your comments are welcome, simply name yourself.

And, if you desire a more private conversation I am well open to an email conversation about your concerns too.

As to why Anonymous comments are moderated, that was a decision and policy made years ago.
Please see policy number 832951179-wwapr.


  1. I made no assumptions. I asked a question in which I referred to things you have written in different corners of the internet -not here.

  2. Ah Michael;

    Good to meet you.

    When I said we make assumptions it was more a matter of that's what happens, rather than a right or wrong thing.

    When I read somebodies posts or comments, assumptions are made. That's simply what happens.

    I appreciate that your questions were not included in the discussions going on elsewhere on the net, because they might not have fit the context of the discussions there.

    It also makes it difficult to respond here because the context is out of place.

    All that being said however, it may simply come down to different understandings of the use of language.

    For me, "kick in the pants" may mean something totally different than it does for you.

    and, for me, sometimes a kick in the pants is the kindest thing someone can do for me.

    For me it means to help someone with a dose of reality, a reminder of what's important.

    Sometimes we forget what's important, and we get caught up in an argument and it gets all out of perspective. We need to be reminded of what's important

    I know personally the individual who writes the blog you speak of and I felt comfortable enough with our friendship that I felt I could speak as I do in person.

    And I know they've been through a lot of hurt from people leaving quick thoughtless comments and outright hurtful statements. And I think that some of those people are in need of "an awakening." (Read: kick in the pants)

    My concern was directed towards the writer.

    Perhaps you felt I needed a kick in the pants too?

  3. I don't know what you're referring to. As my two allusions to your writing elsewhere on the web seem to have fallen short of recognition, I shall email you and copy them in to my post.

  4. Michael, do send me an email with the examples you've seen. Makes me nervous wondering what people are thinking about what I've written elsewhere.

    I suppose it could also be someone writing things and using my name.

    But please do send me an email.


  5. Randal - FWIW I feel it completely reasonable to delete all anon comments, as many bloggers do as a matter of routine. If there is a (false) name it still provides a continuity for conversation.

  6. randall, you make me laugh. here i sit at work, in a quiet office, laughing out loud getting nasty looks from co-workers over your policy on anonymous comments. i can totally hear you saying it, too.
    anyhow, that's it. just wanted to say hi. i'll check out your lauralee's recipes too.
    tell your baby sister to call me.


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