So i continue

Thursday, March 22, 2007
Later on this morning I have an appointment with my Spiritual Director, a short, unassuming, somewhat ageing, catholic nun.

I'm glad we connected, her and I. I mean I need to be seeing a Spiritual Director as a part of my training, and she turned out to be the only one within miles and hours. But it could have been some guy I have nothing in common with, or some lady who just lives life on a different plane, (or is that plain?) than I do.

Which would make it so hard.

But I look forward to what she gives me, an hour of listening to whatever I need to talk about.

And in that listening and giving back to me what she hears, I begin to hear the heart of God.

Not in her words, but in our discourse, our listening, our praying.

I am keenly aware that this is a deep luxury, a treasure to hold on to.

And so I am thankful.

And I want to be that for others.

So i continue.

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  1. That is absolutely what I've found, that it's not simply one person's words to me that show signs of life and hope, but it's this conversation, this joining together, the exploration of things where the truth can be sifted out.

    Those are the times that I know I was created to be in community and that there is no substitute for another human being.


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