Technology changes NASCAR

Sunday, March 25, 2007
We're sitting in the living room watching NEXTEL Cup Series: the Food City 500 on TV.

Now, what makes this cool?

We have the Sirius Satellite radio tuned to the different channels which broadcast the in-car and car to pit crew audio. Now that makes it interesting.

Almost makes me wish I was born in the South.

Go Jimmie Johnson.

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  1. You really need to make a trek down South, my friend! Between the grits and NASCAR affection, it could be quite the pilgrimage.

    Bristol is a fun race to watch -- short track, shorter tempers. The track is super banked, too. So much so that it almost looks like a bowl. The track is not too far from my parents' place, either. One of these days I'll have to make it up to PA and listen with y'all on the radio for the pit crews -- too cool. (oh, and go #29)


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