I realize that some of you are new to these parts, especially since the P.A. Daily Herald piece in their Saturday Extra "Navigating www.paherald.sk.ca." And you may welcome some info.

So, consider this a bit of a randalfriesen.com 101 class.

First, this isn't a Christian Blog, as if a blog could communicate with a higher power. This is just the story of me.

Now, I am a follower of the teachings of Jesus, and I am a Shepherd or pastor or Spiritual Director, here in the city, so that will obviously come through as a regular part of my story.

When considering this space I wrote:
"I wanted my corner of the web to be a place where I could tell my story, as it is. That life isn’t all easy or all trouble, it is what it is, and God is good. And that just because I am a pastor, it doesn’t follow that I always have it all together.

So I began writing, May 17, 2002 to be exact. Since then I’ve made some cool new friends. And not just online either. The online contacts have led to coffee’s and lunches, retreats and worship, studies and prayer."

Much of the stuff here is just stuff and doesn't require response, but if you are interested in responding we welcome you to do just that. Sometimes a conversation will follow in the comments section. And sometimes it won't and that's cool too.

We simply ask that if you wish to participate, you do so with a name, rather than responding anonymously. This will help us all.

If you prefer lurking (just reading rather than commenting) you belong to a healthy club and that's ok too. Many prefer simply to follow along and consider the way a life is lived. Occasionally a funny incident will make it to the page or even more occasionally some deep thought will get through my head and onto the page.

If you look over to the right on the side beneath my picture you see some navigational links. You can explore them if you like and find other parts of this blog that might give you information you are after. Failing that you can use the search box there to find the posts that contain the words you searched for. It's actually very helpful.
You can read more about who I am and why I do this over here, and you can make contact with me here on this page. And by the way I welcome your contact. It's always good to meet you.

If you feel in the browsing mood you can go over to this page and click on a category or a month in the history of this blog and just snoop around a bit.

I have been blogging for nearly five years and there are regularly old posts I return to for information I’m after. I usually have to run a search to find those old posts , but now I’m going to try using this features page. If you want to check out some of the pieces I keep at the top of the heap, here is a partial list.

Then, over on my "Other Voices" page I keep a list of the sites I visit regularly or semi-regularly. When this place starts to get stale you can click on that page and always find a better voice than mine.

So come in and snoop around a bit, make yourself at home.

Maybe you'll find something that makes you laugh or something that makes you think a bit. Whatever, remember it's just me and my carrying on.



  1. Just an note to say I really enjoy my visits here. I began reading about a year ago; soon after my fathers death. The post you share concerning your father, have hit close to home on several occassions.

  2. Well Randall is my pastor and I check his site regularly enough so I keep up with what's going on in good old Prince Albert. It's crazy to know how many hits his site gets just for being a blog. Randall, you are definatly a dedicated blogger.


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