Well, that was a fun hockey game!

Saturday, March 31, 2007
The band played well and looked good on TV, even a close up of Micah playing the trumpet.

The Daily Herald today wrote:
To hear Brent Butt tell it, even being traded to the same team as Paul Coffey couldn’t ease the tension between himself and the NHL Hall of Famer.
“We have an age-old rivalry me and Paul Coffey,” Butt joked at the conclusion of the fourth-annual Juno Cup charity hockey game, played Friday at the Art Hauser Centre.
With Coffey already in the dressing room and unable to defend himself, Butt let loose on his surprise last-minute teammate. “We can’t stand each other. He’s jealous of my success is what it is. He’s had three failed sitcoms,”
The imaginary tension between Butt — who was traded from The Rockers to the NHL Legends for Tim Cheveldae in a swap of goaltenders just moments before the game — and Coffey epitomized the carefree attitude that made the fourth annual event so much fun.
The Legends won the game 11-9.

It was fun to watch players like Paul Coffee, Bob Probert, Wendel Clark, Russ Courtnall, Mark Napier, Dave Manson, and Tim Cheveldae playing hocky again. And musicians and actors like Jim Cuddy, Sam Roberts, Richard Underhill, Andrew Scott and Brent Butt.

Actually very funny seeing Butt wearing a goalie mask with his glasses on underneath.

He wasn't even bad in net.

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