When carpet is more than just carpet.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Well, night number four, busy at the church with this carpet crap.

Actually, the installation has gone better than I had hoped it would. Really.

The pews did not have to be stacked. Each night there have been lots of people willing to help move stuff. And each night we've quickly accomplished our tasks.

But, the other thing I have observed is the willingness to chip in and get involved in doing this thing together, and we needed that.

You see, in our past somewhere we stopped doing things together, because sometimes we had trouble getting along. Oh we could get along when we worshipped God, because we were all looking in the same direction, towards Him. But when we would try to do things together, well it wouldn't always work. Mainly because we were not all going in the same direction.

Some time after that, people stopped trying to do things together. They haven't been really willing to risk that again, cause it just hurts.

But this year...

Coming up with the cash to replace the carpet, all while increasing their giving to missions and ministries. Together.
Then showing up to move pews and plants and shelves and on and on. Together.

The next togetherness thing is that we are going to host the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada Annual meeting. And it's going to take all we have to offer. And teamwork will be required.

So yeah, my bones ache and I haven't been in such pain in a long time.

But my heart is full, cause we are growing and maturing and maybe, just maybe we are willing to risk doing big things together again.

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