Classic FM Hall of Fame

One of the pleasures I've come to anticipate on the Easter long weekend, is the gathering of the top Classical music pieces of the past year over on ClassicFM.

Each year they take the weekend to play the top voted pieces in their Hall of Fame.

From Friday morning till Monday evening, from 9am till 9pm, Classic FM will play the increasingly more popular pieces of Classical music.

It's always fun to listen to and follow along, especially as they get closer to Monday night.

So, this weekend if you have a bit of time to just sit and be still, crank up the ole Classic FM and have a listen.

(Note: In order to listen they now require a postal code to confirm you are from Great Britain, or that your relatives once came from there, or at the very least, that you can speak English. Try using the code from Classic FM itself,    WC2H 7LA )


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