Getting ready for Sabbatical

Thursday, April 26, 2007
I wanted a Hammock last summer.

In fact, I've wanted a hammock as long as I have been a home-owner, longer even.

You know, some place relaxing outdoors to while away the warm summer minutes between supper and my evening meetings.

Well, I never got one, mainly because I didn't have two strong sturdy trees to hang it between, so that I wouldn't break the trees with my person. Oh, and I hate sap falling on me too.

So, I've pretty much given up the whole nap outside thing.

Until this week.

Lauralea and I were at a store earlier this week picking up a few things, and we walked through their summer furniture section and we saw and tried out one of those covered swinging couch things.

And I was hooked.

Lauralea has wanted one for a long time, but cheap me didn't. Winter and all and only using it a few months a year...

Then I sat down on it. Not bad at all.

Then I pushed the back down and laid down on it.

Ah, there, that's it. I was into this.

After I woke up and we left the store, we agreed on the idea.

And, after checking the numbers and dealing with the luxury guilt, we got one yesterday.

The guys and I got it set up and I put a rather ugly tarp over the pergola, to offer some shade and protection from the weather and flying beer bottles from the neighbours, and we were in business.

Tonight seems to be a night free of professional activities, well except for all my homework, so I think I shall find my way out there, and watch the evening pass by.

Hey, maybe I could drag the TV out there and watch the NHL Playoffs while reclining on my new hide-a-bed, covered, outdoor couch!

Bring on the summer.


  1. You may need some kind of screened-in tent to keep the mosquitoes away (or is that what your tarp will be doing???) but hey, you're on your way to some kind of sabbatical.

  2. hey, you should chain it to the deck so it's still there tomorrow..... but then again, god giveth and taketh away, and don't store your treasures on earth so you're not disappointed when they are missing in action... but hey i'm sure that it will still be there for me to enjoy after a long day's work this summer

  3. I want to know more about the flying beer bottles.

    but enjoy the new "toy"

  4. I think we need a picture here.


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