The good, the bad, and the busy

Sunday night. I feel like I've been waiting all evening just to be able to go to bed. Now here it is and I'm writing.

Physically I feel like I've been in a fight, and I just didn't know enough to stay down. Sore sore throat, so tired that when I lay down I can't sleep, and a nasty headache that has lingered since last night.

And Lauralea and I had a real beauty of a misunderstanding too. And by misunderstanding I mean argument, fight, yeah, misunderstanding. And even though it was mostly a miscommunication, it still takes time to get past it. I notice that it takes so much longer when we are tired, emotionally and physically.

I had been doing well this week, so today surprises me.

This week the church I care for has been deciding to get me into a Sabbatical for a time this summer. That has actually been making my days lighter and much more hopeful.

It will be good for both me and the church, and I surely hope it will be enough to restore my soul.

Anyway, that's for this summer.

For now, this week, we are hosting the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada, which we've been preparing for this year. It will be very busy and crazy, but it should be a good time.

So, there you go. Some good, some bad, and some busy.


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