I hate that I line up for it

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Let it be duly noted that I do not purchase Tim Horton's tea for the opportunity to be made richer by "Rolling Up The Rim" to win a prize, mainly because with all the tea I have consumed this year I have yet to win anything, let alone a cookie or another tea.

No, the reason I occasionally stop in there, and either get into the drive-thru line up which is ten to twelve cars deep, or stand in the counter line up which stretches through the building and out the door onto the front side walk, is because no other place makes good strong tea like they do.

Simple really.


  1. Were you being teased or something? Was there a gang of anti-rrrol-up hoodlums taunting you outside of Timmy's, maybe shoving you back and forth a little between themselves?

    I get the sense you're defending yourself against someone, but against who (or possibly whom)?

    Their tea is pretty good, though.

  2. I got that same defensive feeling reading this too. Maybe he is just feeling torn or guilty or something...Starbucks last night and Timmy's today?

  3. Hmmm.... defensive?.. torn?.... guilty?.... maybe because here, at his home, he COULD get a cup of "good strong tea", made by his wife... all he needs to do is ask... and if the lineups are that long, even waiting for the water to boil would probably still be faster....

  4. I think it's somewhat embarrassing to stand in line at a Tim Horton's coffee shop.

    I mean, it's a Tim's for pete's sake! It's not like standing in line for tickets to see a good band or something.

    I go to Krispy Kreme in Calgary and there's never a line up there! And their Donuts don't even belong on the same planet as Tim's donuts, and the coffee is just as good, if not better.

    So, I guess I feel the need to explain why I might, perchance need to stand in line, at a Tims.

    Yes, I may be a tea snob...

  5. Randall, when you can make your own tea, properly, then and only then, can you be a tea snob.


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