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Friday, April 27, 2007
I think its fair to say that last weekend was a satisfying accomplishment. We did something well, and our efforts and approach have been affirmed and encouraged by many emails and calls. Yeah, it feels good to be a success at something. Really.

And before this weekend was Easter, and before Easter was some board work for the Covenant Bible College, and before that was something else, I forget now what it was. But before that was Christmas and all that Jazz.

This week as I've been trying to change gears just a bit, I've realized a few things.

I realized that it's next to impossible to shift gears from 5th gear straight down to first. Things like sprockets and gears and such get sheared off and ground away. It just happens so you gotta treat life with a little respect is all.

I also realized how much I miss recording my ongoing story here. Not just blathering on into the ether, but actually thinking through my day, my life, in bite sized chunks, and writing some of it down. It helps me to live in the present you know? It helps me to enjoy the now, and not bemoan the past or cheer for the future. And that is one of the benefits of keeping some kind of a record. It just forces you to sit down and think about your day and life and the good and bad.  It is a spiritual discipline of sorts, and I've missed it.

So next I gotta get to work on my passport so I can get to Chicago for class this summer. Then next week I have to be in Calgary for some meetings. After which I need to complete a couple of major assignments for my class due mid May...

But I am closer to the finish line than I was a week ago. And that's alright. It's not like a lot of time was wasted, and much good has been accomplished. But it will be good to see a break.

So it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it isn't a train.

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  1. A small piece of advice... don't leave off that passport application too long. I applied more then two months before my trip - and received the day before leaving!! Tara


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