Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Tasking

Saturday, April 07, 2007
Ok, so a few moments ago I was;


Working on the service for tomorrow,

MSN-ing with Hillary, talking her around a major University Exam stress

on the Cell phone with Lauralea who needs me to stop at the store for some sugar,

trying to leave the office to get Micah up to his youth meeting,

on the office phone with some guy who actually wanted me to call long distance and tell the person there to phone him at 763-****.


Multi tasking, my left butt cheek.

I can do 1, maybe 2 things well, but 5 at the same time?

Not a chance.


  1. I applaud the versatility of your butt cheeks.


    It sounds like you're getting buried. I'll try to remember to pray for you guys.

  2. I'm told that it does take practice


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