Better living through good smells

Wednesday, May 09, 2007
It's beginning to smell like summer rain out there this morning. I love that scent.

It's fresh and alive and, full of summer. Just like Jazz Flute.

It's somehow connected to past memories for me and in some strange way gives me hope for the day, and the future.

It's amazing how a scent can change a mood, give hope.

It's taken me a while to recuperate from the weekend. Not just the emotional stuff of it, or the hard decisions our board has had to make, but in the midst of it my flu/cold/sore throat thing came back with a vengeance.

The past couple of days I've felt out of place and a bit lost, but as the week has progressed and health returned, I'm in a better place.

A fresh scent, a bit of rest and better health will go a long way towards a better life.


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