Camden Locks

Monday, May 21, 2007


  1. How long ago were you there?

    We went a couple of years back when the market was on. I've seldom walked into such a mixed experience: fascinating food, clothing, jewellery etc. At the same time the spiritual atmosphere was quite oppressive, with druggy paraphenalia and eastern religions all out in the open and touting for business.

    'Tis an interesting place.

  2. We were there back in 1995. I remember the place because we got some fish and chips and sat on the bank and ate it in the late afternoon. What a sweet memory.

    And yes, it was a dark place too. Through the market and stalls.

    That's what made the canal so amazing. After walking through the stalls and noise, this canal area just opened up before our eyes. Quiet, reflective, nice.

    oh, and the fish was awesome.


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