Homeward bound

Monday, May 14, 2007
Well, it's nearly 3:30 in the morning and I'm heading home from the office. Another major piece of my year is completed and hopefully that's just another thing I can wipe off my list,

I knew that the major paper was due tomorrow for class, I just forgot that there were no extensions given. One day late and you get a fail and out of the class and program and all.

I toyed with the sweetness of no more of this work to do when I got the email tonight at 8. But then I decided too much work and reading and effort has already been done to walk away from it.

So later on today I'll proof it and finish it and send it in.

But for now I'm going home. I have to be up and on the road in three hours to take Lauralea to Saskatoon to stand in the freakin line to get passports done there because they don't process them here.

Life is Beautiful.

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  1. I am remembering you today especially. Drive safe. May God expedite the line ups.


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