I'm an old old man

Saturday, May 12, 2007
We caught our first big rain storm today, the gutters were running over and the water gathered quickly in the low spots in the road.

You could see the depth of green in the grass increasing with every drop of water. Life returning after a long harsh winter.

Tonight the scent is of wet tree bark. A spicy smell that takes me back to camp and the summers of my youth.

My youth.

Seems so very far away.

My kids think I'm too old to be on Facebook, and they may be right. The skin beneath my eyes is drooping more each morning I look into them. I'm back in Seminary, in way over my head with the classwork I'm so far behind in. Yeah I'm getting old, and this is the kind of year that makes me feel old.

The past twelve months saw my daughter graduate from Grade 12 and head off to University, my other daughter graduated from Bible College and moved to Switzerland. My dad died, suddenly. So did the Covenant Bible College I was on the Board of.

The bags beneath my eyes should be down to my waist already.

The next twelve months look like Hillary heading off to a new school, Johanna returning from Switzerland and moving to the coast, and my continued coursework. Then it gets interesting. Johanna getting married to Nate (Which isn't so much of an announcement as much as it is a statement of fact...), Thomas graduating from High School and Micah graduating from Elementary School.

Yeah, within twelve months the bags beneath my eyes should be hanging down near my feet.

If I'm not too old already I will be within a year. Then maybe I'll get my saggy butt off of FaceBook.

In the meantime hang on. This wicked ride is only half done.

Enjoy the fresh air...


  1. Sometimes I think I am too old for FAcebook as well. When you look around there is an awful lot of younguns on there.

  2. I hope you might find a little bag-reduction in your sabbatical.

  3. Hi Randall,
    If you old, what does that make me? :) I am celebrating 59 years tomorrow by going golfing with my senior partner, Harry Hancock at Birch Hills. Cliff Scott opted to not go with us, thinking it more prudent to stay and celebrate Verna's birthday (also May 14th) with her. :)


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