Mothers Day

Monday, May 14, 2007
Well, the day started off with me talking in church a bit on how God cannot be limited to just having the qualities of a male but that he would also carry about in himself the qualities of a female too, and all that that leads to.

Then we went to Saskatoon to do the ultimate parenting thing, helping your daughter pack all her earthly belongings from her apartment into your van, so she can move back home.

And ended off the day at mom's a bit.

Today is between day.

Tomorrow Lauralea and I have to be on the road at 7 am to get to Saskatoon by 8:30 so we can stand in the Passport line up for a few hours, hopefully fast enough so that she can make her flight to Victoria later in the morning.

So today is about laundry, paperwork, clean up, buy food, get the next week sorted out, and a "day off."

Another crazy time at the Friesen's.

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