Now, Sir Richard Branson must be a smart man

Thursday, May 24, 2007
he of the great 350 companies comprising the Virgin label.

But it seems one of his companies, Virgin Mobile has people running it who, shall we say, are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

Thomas, who has a Virgin Mobile phone, pointed this little piece of comedic writing out to me last night. It's in the FAQ section for their mobile phones.

When talking about downloading ringtones or images to their phones, this is what they have to say:
19. Will I be charged for downloads that are not completed?

Charging your phone usually involves plugging your phone into a socket. Every phone has its own charger. Learn this – and all kinds of other interesting stuff about your mobile – by checking out your full phone user guide.

Oh. Brother.

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  1. Free word association is a wonderful thing.

    I'm sure that was written by the guys that train the operators in Indian call centres, especially those employed by Dell and HP.


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