Single Parent: Day Three

Thursday, May 17, 2007
So, while Lauralea is off sunning herself on the beautiful beaches of Victoria BC, (Hey, don't they have nude beaches down there?? I better see some tan lines...)

Yeah, while she's there, I'm here being single parent man.

It's not been too hard, although coming home from a hard day and then starting supper is just in no way fun for me.

But to date I haven't lost any children. Yesterday I made frozen pizza for supper, today was mac and cheese, not to hard.

And I haven't died either. Today I'm having some shortness of breath, but hey it's been that kind of week.

This weekend looks like it might provide me with an opportunity to catch up on a few pieces of work that need to be done around here.

So yeah, not bad and getting better.

But being a single parent just isn't for me. I better make sure Lauralea has lots of reasons to stick around for a few years.

Maybe I should go lift some weights and buff up a bit.



  1. Hmmm.... nude beach.... that could be fun... a little cold yet, but.... hmm....

  2. Randall. You make me laugh. I spit out the food I was eating when I read the part about you wanting to keep Lauralee around longer, so maybe you should buff up a little bit. heh.


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