Tom Poston Dead at 85

Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Ah, I missed this one on Monday.

Tom Poston in the role of George Utley in the television sitcom series “Newhart” in 1985.

I liked him best in “Newhart,” where he played George Utley, the handyman who couldn’t fix anything at the
New England inn run by Bob Newhart’s character.

Interesting tidbit, the show "Newhart" ended it's run by having Bob Newhart wake up on the set of his old show (The Bob Newhart Show) thinking the previous years and show were only a dream. He woke up in bed next to his old show's wife, Suzanne Pleshette. Who happened to be married to...

Tom Poston.

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  1. Hi there...I Googled for suzanne pleshette, but found your page about Tom Poston Dead at 85...and have to say thanks. nice read.


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