Ahem. What to do when your back yard turns into a carnival ride

Thursday, June 14, 2007
You take some pictures and start up a pay-per-view section of the website!!

Um yeah, during supper a couple was going at it in the back yard, hot and, yeah whatever.

It was kinda like seeing an accident. I couldn't believe my eyes.
It progressed to the point I was uncomfortable. I wasn't sure what to do... get the hose and water them down?

So I sat down and ate supper, and kept the kids away from the window.


  1. Too funny, I like the hosing them down idea! Or loudly talk about the chemical you just put on your lawn.Hopefully they won't spread the word about the newest make out spot in P.A.

  2. ahahahahahahaha thats so p.a., and sadly I miss it so much (the city not the making out part).

  3. Firecrackers + Slingshot = Permanent Solution

  4. I'd say pop up some popcorns, pour some iced tea, set up some lawn chairs, and charge for admission.

  5. lol

    I gotta confess I'm leaning towards Dan's idea.

    Course then I'd need to get a licence from the city...

    and they would want to have public meetings on whether this is a part of the city in which they would want this kind of business...

    Actually, I think they caught a glimpse of me, or rather my camera, and off they went.

    Ah the power of a Cannon.


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