Big day tomorrow

Saturday, June 09, 2007
Tomorrow I get to participate in the Baptism of my daughter, Hillary.

Another life marker shooting past us. Another reminder that the kids are growing and moving on and making decisions about life and God.

But tomorrow is going to be cool. She decided to wait until she was ready, and she's ready. I respect that a lot.

She's changed so much these years. University can often make people doubt their faith. For her, it made her find it.

And God was always there.

It's not easy having a dad whose also suppose to be your pastor. That's just worlds colliding on so many levels.
But she's stuck with it, with me. And me with her.

So tomorrow she wants to stand and take her place in a long line of witnesses all down through history who have publicly indicated through baptism, their desire to turn towards God and worship him alone.

May God bless the day, and her life, with His presence and grace.


  1. This is brilliant. Baptising your own children ranks up there with your own wedding.

    Do pop up some pics if you can.

  2. I don't know what it says about me that I got more choked up over Hillary's baptism than our little Olivia's dedication this morning. And, I'm not sure if anyone in your family took a picture, but apparently my mom snuck a picture of the baptism.


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