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Friday, June 01, 2007
Some Worrying Statistics:

* 17% of men in their mid-forties find Jean-Claude Van Damme 'an inspiration'.
* 33% of 48 yr old men look in the mirror in the morning and think: 'Yes.'
* 37% of men in their forties would like more prominent scars.
* Last month, 15,000 men started to think a tighter trouser made them more attractive.
* The average buttons done up on a 46 yr old's shirt has decreased by 2 since 2001.
* 14,500 middle-aged men took paintball seriously last year.
* 24,000 men their fifties think: "if Douglas can pull Zeta Jones, then so can I."
* Too many men in their forties listen to Steppenwolf whilst driving.
* 759 fifty-two year olds changed their name to Troy last year.
* 12% of men in their forties believe origami will 'help them with the ladies.'
* 7% of men in their forties are trying to master the nun-chucks.

Now here is a site that can help with that nasty midlife crisis nonsense.

The retreat, the treatments, the helpful statistics, and there's even a test you can take to help you see that you're in need.

So why not go there now and take the test. Hope and health is just around the corner.


  1. A couple of those made me smile, especially the idea that Zeta Jones attraction was based on external appearance.

    There could also be an alternative to caber-tossing - a veteran nun-chuck competition.

    That should set the Catholics back a bit!

  2. Oh, while I'm here. Talk of Steppenwolf reminds me of a visit to a safari park. They were playing 'Born to be wild' over the Tannoy in the cafe.

    Shakes head at the irony that they missed.

  3. I loved how they made it look so legit, made me want to go too!

    And I liked the commercial with the guy making juice from a vegetable.

    creative, took some thought, and I like that.

  4. If you like daft VW ads then have a look here:

    WARNING - not for the faint-hearted or sensitive. I mean it.

  5. :)

    I think I've seen that one before, yep i have.


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