On the way... 2

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Hmm, well if all things have worked out for the good we should be landing in Glasgow right about now, where it's 6:30 am.

We'll need to get our luggage, then find the bus stop and find a bus for downtown.

Then its a

Train to Oban.

and a Ferry to Craignure.

then a Bus to Fionnphort

and finally a Ferry to Iona.

Where cars are not allowed, so we'll walk to our B&B.

Can you say End of the world?

I knew you could.

There are puffins out here, and whales and seals and,

God, I hope.


  1. We just arrived in |Glasgow, its 7 am thursday and we seem to have missed a night.

    now we have to find a bus then train to get to the ferrys on time.

    All iis well, cept for this keyboard...

  2. Puddle boots and a cape and you'll be Superman!

  3. Looks like you are on your way. Hope you have great weather and watch out for the stone floors. Hard on the knees

  4. it's an English keyboard, not an american one.

    so it will not work in the same way...



  5. oh...

    I forgot to say

    "beware of the Midgees..."

    best insecticide to use..... "avon skin moisturiser", according to the uk marines at Holy Loch...

  6. I suspect R&L have been well prepared in the art of 'mozzies'.


  7. Hey, if you didn't lose God before 6:30 in the morning, he'll sure as, well, heck, be on Iona.


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