You think Paris Hilton had a hard day?

Friday, June 08, 2007

after getting stuck downtown because the van wouldn't start, we took supper to some friends, then got the van home, then ate scrambled eggs because apparently... I dunno, I lost my train of thought there.

Oh yeah, by then it was after 6 and the kids had to get going to youth tonight.

Then I mowed the lawn and after that I crawled under the van to see if I could get near the starter. I gave it a good cleaning, and if that contributed to the problem, it should be better.

But yeah, after all that and everyone's in bed, it's just nice to sit down and listen to my favourite "Sound of Majesty" program.

If you like good music and choral groups, then check out this program.

I am sufficiently chilled out.



  1. Hard Day for Paris was it? Yesterday morning my friends sister woke up and realized that her toddler hadn't woke her up first. Went to check on her baby only find out that she had passed away in the night. I think that trumps any hard day.


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