The Birds. (Not to be confused with The Byrds)

Sunday, July 08, 2007
I suppose we figured we had the jetlag thing beat but there have been a few hiccups late this week.

Yesterday morning Lauralea was up at three am and unable to get back to sleep, the same for the previous night.

By last night I was completely out of gas by 9 pm so I fell into bed exhausted.

And I suppose that's why I am up with the birds this morning, bright and early.

Chirp chirp.

And while I'm on the bird thing, allow me to recall the amazing birds on the Isle of Iona.

Amazing in their variety, colours, and songs.

But more amazing was the way they responded to us.

Not the bigger birds mind you, but the smaller song birds.

They would fly right up to you and land at your feet.

Then they would look up at you and watch you, looking for ways to chat I suppose.

This happened three or four times while we were there, and I've never experienced it before.

Whether we were sitting or standing, a small songbird would come and land at our feet.

And just stand there, smiling up at us. Or have a chat with us.

It was, yeah, amazing.

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  1. Also not to be confused with Nigel and Kate Bird.

    Yeah, the songbirds over there are amazing. And their robins aren't even related to what we call robins.


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