Chicago Bound

Friday, July 20, 2007
Well in turn around times this looks ok.

Since we got back yesterday from Broadview, I've run errands and completed homework today and Lauralea, Bless her heart, has done my wash. I think I'm ready for the journey that begins tomorrow.

The books we've been reading have been good ones and I really feel eager to engage the topic and try some things out myself. I am looking forward to this week of learning. Hungry even.

I have discovered a couple of new discernment things since I left Iona. It may have resulted in a greater sensitivity within, and since I've come to the place where sensitivity isn't a weakness, its kinda fun to explore this thing with God.

The listening is going well. There is so much in our communication with God that I have missed, due to impatience or immaturity on my part. But I have discovered new places to explore in this vast interconnectedness with the Creator of the universe. It's like I've found a whole new wing of the house and each time I push open a new door I find four others to push through and explore. It is exciting again.

And even if this road never again takes me to places like Iona, the road I am on leads me closer to the One who created Iona. If I can learn to listen better, I shall hear better, and in hearing I will be closer to the one who is Satisfaction himself.

He is the answer to the questions of my heart.

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