Sunday, July 29, 2007
We went out for dinner tonight, kind of a way to say thank you to our hosts for this week.

It was a nice enough restaurant, but man if i didn't see a guy sitting there who looked like dad just before he died.

I kept turning around to look at him, searching, reconnecting with an image in my head I'm trying to hang on to.

It seemed good to see him again, but it also surprised me that some of his features are fading in my mind.

I don't like that.

But yeah, we had a good supper and then took a drive down to the lake. This city is a beautiful place, especially when the work is done and you can enjoy the scenery.

A part of it reminds me of when we used to live just off of Lake Erie. Same smells and feel and humidity. Felt comfortable, like home used to be those years we lived there.

Good memories all around tonight.

And tomorrow we start the journey home.



  1. Isn't it kind of funny (ironic funny not ha ha funny) how those we love so dear do seem to fade. When I think of my grandpa, unless I am looking at a picture of him, it seems like I can't remember what he clearly looked like in my head but that it is more of a memory of him in my heart. Yeah, that's it exactly; I have this "image" of him in my heart and it is clear as a bell. Perhaps that is because it is their love/our love that is more important and our heart seems to remember how they made us feel.

    Still, I would love to not have that feeling of losing him all over again in my memory because I can't remember the twinkle in his eye all the time or the sound of his laughter...

    Wait! That's not going to help at all. I do love the fact that I can think of my grandpa and "feel" him in my heart. I truly do think that is more important...for me anyway.


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