Day 4 of 7, otherwise known as Thursday (I Think)

Thursday, July 26, 2007
You know how sometimes after a particularly tough day, you've gone at it hard morning till night, and you arrive home exhausted so you go straight to bed and suddenly you can't sleep, you know how that happens? Yeah well that's the reason for my long-winded, run on sentences this morning.

I leave the house just after 7:30am and walk up to the University campus so that I can get on a computer and check in with home and some of you. This morning in spite of my fuzzy mind the walk was refreshing. So many times in Chicago at this time of year the weather is less than refreshing. it's muggy and hot, even early in the morning. But not this morning.

It had rained in the night, and the old, brick community I had to walk through looked fresh and inviting. The air was not so humid yet, and a little cool on the skin, so it helped to repair some of the damage of a sleepless night.

Today we continue on with much of our practicum. In small groups we each take turns giving Spiritual Direction to our classmates while other class members and supervisory staff sit and evaluate us.

To say it is un-nerving would be a bit of an understatement only equalled by the statement that I will be glad when it's all over.

But, the relationships with class members is coming along nicely. I'm going to miss them and their questions on my life next week!

It looks like Saturday afternoon we have a couple of hours off, so I am heading off with a friend who lives here in Chicago, and we are getting out on the water on his boat for the afternoon. I shall be sure to bring the camera, I hear Chicago is beautiful from the water.

But for now, back to focusing on other people's stories, and how I sit invitingly, and not interrupt the flow, and ask questions without asking a question. (You should try that once. It ain't easy you know!!)

Hope your day is well too.




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