Tuesday, July 17, 2007
So Hot Here... Waiting For Sleep To Find Us. Don't Think I Will Ever Be Cool Again. Night.


  1. Yeah, but at least you've been cool. Some of us go all through life without ever attaining coolness. :-)

  2. What exactly constitutes hot in Canada?
    Yesterday it was 100 degrees Farenheit (which is 37.8 Centigrade) here in Kansas. It dropped down into the mid-70s last night. Positively balmy.
    Though I realize that hot is relative to what you're used to.
    Just curious.

  3. You know Randall, Angie was just saying how we sometimes take air conditioning for granted after she talked to some clients without it who couldn't find sleep between the hot sticky sheets.

  4. Ah yes, coolness baby. Been there and got the scars to prove it. (Rollerblading on my 40th birthday)

    But any guy who gives up the good life in a fruit filled state and moves to some Island in the South Pacific to teach... well that's just the definition of coolness.

    And yeah Linda, I know. It's like 31, 33 in here today so it really doesn't compare. But like two weeks ago I was in balmy Scotland where the high temp never reached 25C. Sweet.

    I know I have been acclimatized, and next week when I'm in Chicago for my course and the temp is 104F with Humidity, I shall melt like the ice man I am.


    And you better believe it Jay. This spring I got a window Air Conditioner and baby that's just about the sweetest thing I EVER did for us. it completely revolutionizes life.

    I miss that little humming baby. It will be the first thing i kiss when I get home.

  5. Regan is in Hong Kong, temp 39C with a humidex of 93%
    How is that for hot and sticky!


    I like Regan and wouldn't wish that on her for anything.

    Hope she has a great time.


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