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Thursday, August 30, 2007
So, the whole upgrade Wordpress thing was a good idea, really it was, I totally owned that changeover.

But the whole, what do I want the site to behave like, question has not left me alone. In fact each time I came to the site I was feeling more and more like throwing up.

So, the content has gone to the dogs since I've been throwing up so much.


I've been busily working away in stolen moments trying to fashion a template that would make me throw up less. Now, with hesitation, I can say, I think this is it.

I think.

The left side there on the main page shows my Twitter updates, if you care. And beneath that baby I've brought back the ole "Send a message to my cell phone" option, cause it's easier for Lauralea to send my phone the list of things I am suppose to pick up at the grocery store on the way home, than for her to keep calling me with each new item.

Of course you should feel free to use it too. If you are trying but failing to reach me, or you want to send me some love, go for it. It sends about 140 characters, so no long speeches please. But do feel free to try it out.

Beneath that is the recent comments list so you can see if your last comment was responded to and go flame the person who flamed you. (Uh, kidding there right?)

Then you can select from the Archives or Categories. Or you can run a search.

The right side will run my last posts from the Prayer, the Poetry, the Quotes and the Photography categories. Hopefully to provide a bit of inspiration when the middle area becomes dry or lame. As you click on individual posts, those pieces on the right will follow you, while the left panel will disappear to give you room to think and be less distracted.

The footer holds my latest 6 Flickr photos (Say "6 Flickr photos" five times if you dare). It also holds another search option and the administrative data. The middle... well that's open real estate as yet so stay tuned.

The top left of the header holds today's date so that you can quickly realize how many days it's been since I've posted anything of value.

The top right holds the page links. The Home link takes you to the front page. The cool stuff basically is what it says. The featured will hold some of my more memorable posts, history will host the archives and category selections again. Others has my blogroll and the Me page is a bit of my story and how to contact me. The RSS leads you to my syndication feed.

Brian Gardner was the original creator of the template Whitespace, and he invites us to tweak to our hearts content. His work is elegant, creative, clean and minimal, all the things I like in a site. So if something is out of place or not working, blame me. His work is inspiring.

And yeah. When you have a place you like to go to and be at, it inspires you to write and to write well. Let's hope this template isn't a distraction but simply a tool that enables me to write, you to read and respond and be encouraged. And I will be encouraged if you are.

As we mow through our sixth year blogging, (That's hard to believe...) things are shifting here, in me. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

At least I don't have a template excuse now.


  1. I think I like this -- it's certainly clean and uncluttered. Maybe a little too black and white -- I always liked seeing one of your photos at the top (or near the top). Now I'll have to scroll all the way down the page to find them. But that is simply one small wish for my experience. :) Really, it looks nice.

  2. Thanks Linda,

    I do want to integrate pictures better and I thought that the white background allows for a better viewing of the images.

    but yeah, good to "see" you again.


  3. I like it. Clean and crisp. Good stuff.

    Although, truthfully I read your blog from my Google Reader.


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