The Bed

Thursday, August 02, 2007
On the one day we had between visiting Lauralea's mom and dad, and me leaving for Chicago, we bought a new bed.

Our last bed was given to us, already fairly well used, some years ago. Actually it's a bit embarrassing to realize that we got that bed when Lauralea was pregnant with Thomas, and he enters grade 12 this autumn.

What an amazing bed. What luxury, what comfort, what little sideways movement, what quiet springs, what a dramatic difference it makes to your awake hours.

And, it's not as low as the other bed used to be. This baby rides about 8 inches higher than the other bed used to. And I love that. It's like sleeping on a cloud of fluffy goodness.

So far Lauralea's not having to go to the chiropractor as much. And we are sleeping way better.

And the other stuff, read:sex, well I don't know yet if it was the whole being away for a week thing, or the fact that this is one sweet noiseless bed, but yeah, I recommend it. Really.

The only snag, which for me it isn't really an issue, but the only snag is that it's a little high for Lauralea to get into. Thomas built her a step to get into it, and I am awaiting the day when I awake to a huge crash and find her on a heap on the ground because she missed the step.

I think the top of the bed comes up to her stomach so she needs a little boost up into it. But so far she loves it, and if she's happy, then baby we're all happy.

It's a good thing.


  1. A good bed is important, as are good shoes.

    I suggested to Lauralea that she buy one of those toddler guards used in the transition from crib to bed. That'd keep her from rolling out. :)

  2. Hey, that's a good idea!!

    I remember those things from when our kids kept falling out of beds.

    We should have kept them.

  3. Because Jay is in a wheelchair and it's easier for him to transfer into bed, we have a low profile bed frame. I don't know if it would drop it down enough, but I think a low profile bed frame drops about 4 inches, and you can also get a low profile box spring now, which is about 3 or 4 inches thinner as well. So you could theoretically get that bed another 7-8 inches lower. But if the stool works...


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