Family Vacation

Friday, August 31, 2007
Family getting ready for the photo shootSo the house has been considerably full for a couple of weeks, and besides an occasional tense moment it's actually been quite nice.

Everybody has grown a bit this past year and summer and it's interesting to watch them become adults, struggling with all the difficult bits of what that means too.

We've even had one more than the regular four kids around here. Nate has been here too. He's the new guy around these parts and seems he wants to marry Johanna next spring, so we're gonna have a wedding!

The Family I think if these past two weeks of him living with us hasn't scared him away, he'll do just fine. I think we will be able to let him into the Inner Circle of Truth.

But New Guy Nate is a keeper. Kind, sensitive, relaxed person with some cool insights of his own. And he has his Bachelors in Golf Course design, what's not to love.

Johanna and Nate leave for points west on Monday, off to seek their fortune on the coast. Hillary leaves for PRBI on Sunday and will be learning there in Northern Alberta this year. Thomas is heading into grade 12 with grad in spring. And Micah moves into grade 8 with a grad in spring too.

Nate and Johanna Sheesh, just writing that makes it all seem very sudden. Too sudden I think.

It will be ok, I know it will. Just weird, and awkward, and empty, but good.

And if all else fails, I still have the pictures from this little family reunion to help me get by.


  1. I know the feeling -- our nest has been slowly emptying during the last few years. There was the August (6 years ago) that Julia got married and four days later I took Megan to North Park -- talk about a stressed out mom!

    But it's cool to see how they grow. In January we'll have a new grandson (thanks to Julia and Mike), in May our youngest will graduate from high school. Hopefully the ones in the middle will stay in college or get jobs and continue to grow on their own. But they're never really gone -- as I told Julia one evening, you're a parent forever. Blessings on your growing family!

  2. Ah, so you're running about six years ahead of us!

    and it is cool to see them grow up cause there are days during the process that you sometimes wonder...

  3. And here I am watching and helping the next generation as the parenting starts. You are right, Linda, once parenting starts it never ever stops. And it can be quite good at times.

  4. It's nice to see Johanna looking happy now.

    Also amazing how Micah is taller than she is!


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