The good ones go too soon

Took "The Wife" out for a lovely anniversary lunch today at Sobeys. And before you say something, it's not completely that I'm cheap but there was a community fund raiser BBQ there her friend was working and she wanted to stop in.
While there enjoying a lovely standup smokie in a bun and grape pop, I started chatting with another pastor there. He let me know that he's leaving town in a month for a new Parish.

He echoed my response, "Crap" I said. And crap it was indeed.

He's been good for this city. Been involved and held his convictions strongly and clearly. I've worked with him on a few things we've been doing in the city, and he's great to work with. He's one of those good, administrative, caring, clear convictions pastors who just impact a community.

That's why I said crap.

I don't want him to go, but like I told him, I don't begrudge him the move.

I asked where he was going, and he lifted a fake joint to his mouth and through a grin murmured, "The Island."

Vancouver island, Canada's lifestyle destination.

I groaned and asked "It's a good parish then?"

"Very good," he reported, "And I've been here ten years already" he finished.


Can't get him out of my mind since. It will be a big loss to the city.

And somehow a big loss to me too.

Hope he has a great time out there, he deserves it.


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