He said the "A" word

Friday, August 10, 2007
It's cool out there tonight, 12C already.

And you know where that's going gentle readers, it's going down.

Personally, and yes I know we've had this conversation before, but personally I love how cool it has been lately, and how low the skies have been hanging. So near the earth, blurring the horizon.

Somehow when the sky is so low and foreboding, I feel safe, cocooned, alive.

Like a big quilt I can pull up under my chin and lean into and drift off into bliss.

Yeah, I know it's August, but Autumn has given us a cheque it intends to cash in a few short weeks.

And Autumn I'm ok with, it's her ugly stepsister Winter that I can't get along with. She's one nasty piece of work.

So here's to low clouds and cool nights, a looong Fall and a delayed winter. And here's to the chance to even be able to love one season and hate another.

Life is found in between those simple cracks of life.
You can live it well, or fight it all the way.


  1. I haven't smelled Autumn in the air yet but I'm sure it's around the corner as you say. Autumn is my favourite time of year.

    I got into bed last night and for the first time in months it has been cool enough to breathe clearly and get right under the covers. Wonderful

  2. Please keep your autumn to yourself!


  3. I may have smelled it late this morning. Autumn, that is.


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