Johanna comes home tomorrow and she's bringing presents!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007
It will be early there now as she awakens from a sleepless last night in her room in Cernier Switzerland.

One year.
One year ago we put her on a plane to go to the other side of the world and take care of two beautiful little girls. She went, and with her went a part of us.

She's made friends, created a local life, hiked the Swiss mountains, travelled through Europe, gone to Paris for the weekend, eaten crepes, learned to drink beer and wine, learned to stand on her own two feet, experienced Christmas in England, cared for two little girls through a year of their little lives, and grown up a lot.

What an amazing opportunity she's had, and lived into. Seems she's made the most of her year there, and I expect the year will have changed her. Maybe not first in perceptible ways, but certainly in the deep ways of the heart.

No matter where she lives her life, her world will never be small again. She's seen the other side of it and lived in it and tasted it and spoken it's language. Nope, her world will be big now for the rest of her life.

And challenges will come and if they are really hard, they will be held up against this year and she will see how she was able to make it through this past year and she will find new courage and strength to face whatever is ahead.

She's done well.

And tomorrow she comes back. And it will be so good to see her and hug her and be with her again.

It's kind of weird you know. Your babies grow up and do these hugely significant things with their lives and you just sit back and give your head a shake in disbelief.

Amazing, inspiring, and just plain cool.

See you tomorrow night at 10:35 Johanna.

Be safe.

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  1. Hello Johanna
    J'ai lu ce petit mot te concernant et j'espère que tu vas bien. Pendant 3 semaines Papy Roger et moi sommes "la jeune fille au pair" jusqu'à ce que Kristal arrive.
    Orlane va bien et est heureuse d'avoir retrouvé ces petits copains et petites copines de l'école. Koraly fait de grands progrès et parle de mieux en mieux.
    As-tu pris une décision pour ton avenir?
    Il fait très chaud ici à Cernier et je suis en train de repasser les chemises à Marc!!
    Gros bisous à toi


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