randallfriesen.com on an IPhone

Wednesday, August 01, 2007
While in Chicago, I made a trip to the Apple store on Michigan Avenue. And they had Iphones you could play. So I did and fell in love.

Wow. Sweet technology that just works well.

Think Google maps where ever you are, never get lost again. UTube when you are on the El and bored. Listening to your favourite tunes or catching your missed shows, and the rest of the Internet at your fingertips when needed.

Oh yeah, and you can phone with it too.

So I made a little movie while I explored this technoToy.

I've entitled it "Randallfriesen.com on an I-Phone."

Dramatic. I give it two thumbs up.


  1. Good old Steve Jobs and his gang of nerds.

  2. Yep, for all Steve's weird quirks, he does produce some amazing toys.

    and, he does know how to make money.

    This baby isn't free.


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