Star Eyed miraculous

Friday, August 10, 2007
The other day while innocently perusing my choice of news, home improvement or cooking channels on TV, I incidentally saw an ad for a new talk show with Star Jones. The problem was that the person talking about the new program wasn't Star Jones, it seemed to be some sort of spokesperson.

I thought what, she's not interested in promoting her own Talk Show? She has to get some other person to speak for her?

But then she said her name, Star Jones, and I did a double take and she was gone. I was left with the tape going over in my head that wasn't Star Jones. Wasn't she the one who used to be on The View?

All knowing Google solved the mystery for me. Seems she had the gastric bypass surgery and Bob's your uncle, you are all brand new.

(Now follows my multimedia presentation.)


And after.

And again, Before:

And after.

Are you kidding me???

That is just amazing. Really. Unbelievable even.

In a society that objectifies body image, the doctors who are able to accomplish these miracles should run in the same league as Greek gods.
You would think, well I would think, that in a place as regularly reported as Obese as Saskatchewan, Doctors who do this surgery would hit the mother load. I mean, better than finding a vein of pure gold in an Alaskan Gold rush.

Even apart from the body image thing, and just relying on the whole health of the individual argument, why don't we have Doctors here in Saskatchewan willing to do this surgery?

The last Dr. here willing to do these things closed up shop a couple of months ago, and no one has taken his place.

So why can't we see any of them willing to reside in Saskatchewan and make their fortunes here?
What am I missing?


  1. It is incredible, but I am not convinced that the 2nd before shot is her.

  2. Hmmm, you may be right Kevin, I was thinking the same thing when I googled her image and that pic came up...


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