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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Iona Abby

Tonight during our small group's evening prayers every time I closed my eyes I was back on Iona.

The cool late evening breeze across my face, the echoing silence while sitting in the Abby, and the prayers prayed together by many individuals on different pilgrimages all leading to the same God.

It was a good memory, a warm space for my heart. So I just enjoyed it, and kept my eyes closed while we prayed.

I'm still working out the differences in who I am as a result of that Isle. I am a different person and I've seen things in me that haven't been there before. I am starting to look forward towards the things God showed me are yet to come for me.

Yet I feel content, unrushed. There is time to do what he asks of me, and he will lead as things unfold. There is a balanced-ness (If I may create a new word) in my life I am enjoying right now. It is good.

And it was very good to be back there tonight. If only in my prayers.


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