For those of you in warmer climates

Friday, September 14, 2007
I had to scrape the frost off my van windows this morning.
This means that the end is near.
And living proof that Global Warming is years away from implementation.


I can't wear my coloured set of short sleeve golf shirts to work any more.
And of course my matching white belt and white leather shoes are out.

Winter is so retched, and hard on the wardrobe.


  1. Almost enough to make me stop going on about the rain of this summer.

  2. It's been glorious here these last few weeks: 20 to 27'C in the day, down to 11-17'C at night. And in 8 days time we're off to Thailand where it'll be 30-35'C and humid.

    I'll not be too jealous of your crisp, clear mornings - I've seen enough of them here over the years - but I bet we'll greet them on our return.

  3. it's been nice and warm out here...sunny and, I think, about 25' all week. Today is cloudy, though, and a little cooler, but still about 20'.

    very nice.

  4. The leafs are turning already, but the bluebells and crocus's are in bloom

    so figure that one.......


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