Home again

Left the house at 7 this morning, and just returned home.

I had four meetings with people in Saskatoon today, so Lauralea and I headed into town early.

The day was a perfect day. Low clouds, occasional rain, and a high of 11C made for a very autumn-y day indeed. My favourite kind of day.

I dropped Lauralea downtown as I drove through to my first appointment. She headed to my mom's to spend some time with her. I think they had some fun together.

And I, had some great moments meeting with people I needed to connect with again. A University student from our church, an individual connected with my work, a friend starting a network of housechurches this fall, and Lauralea joined me as we checked on another friend who's parents were in town for a visit.

Each visit different, yet each visit distinctly profound, and fresh. God seemed all over the place today, and the conversations were gracious and good.

I like love days like that, when God seems to have gone before and the way has been prepared. Kinda gives me hope that God is still around, doing what he does.

Anyway, Lauralea and I finished up the day with a visit to McNally Robinson where I picked up the latest Classic FM magazine with its TWO FREE DISKS this month. Life is good.

And, since the boys were feeding themselves supper, we went to Jerry's for some fish and chips for supper.

A very good day indeed.


  1. I've had the opposite reaction lately. I used to love seeing God in people and objects. It made me feel connected to the earth and the universe. Now, I feel so alone and seperate that I can't connect even if I try.

    Where exactly did you see God, because I'd like to have a conversation with him soon. If you see him again, let him know that I am looking everywhere and to no avail.

  2. Hi Tracey,

    I suppose life has it's fill of ups and downs, which are often enough to make us crazy. At least in my life those "Seasons" often surprise me, and catch me, blindsiding me.

    God and I will have a chat today, and your name shall be brought up.

    Maybe one of these times when I visit the city if you have a few moments, we could grab a coffee.

    Blessings on you today Tracey.

  3. Thanks for posting on the specialness of God in 'ordinary' meetings. I'm just back from a long day trip to London for committee work - your encounters sound so much more enriching than my ploughing through a turgid agenda for 3 hours with cramped train journeys either side. It's good to be reminded of the high points of life, the universe and everything.

  4. Well,

    at least you can get a cup of tea on the train!


    be well Rachel.


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