I was here, but now I'm gone

Sunday, September 30, 2007
The leadership weekend was great, and the three days were so worth it.

I was able to extend some Spiritual Direction care to ten individuals, and it was so good to hear their stories and to be able to walk with them.

But 8 hours out there, and 8 hours back today have left me a bit fuzzy.

I got a couple of good pictures I'll upload as soon as I can.

This morning I was up quite early for a meeting, and as I looked out my bedroom window the sun was rising behind me, and the amazing pink and orange was reflected on the blue and grey of the mountains in front of me, it was gorgeous.

So yeah, Autumn is coming early to the mountains in Alberta, and it's beautiful.

Pic's to follow.

PS. And if you have emailed me, hang in there, it will be a day or two before I catch up.


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