...she closed the door behind her and slipped off into a life empty of his contact. Never again would she have to hear those words yelled at her. No more would she know the physical pain as he grabbed her arm and forced it in directions he controlled. She had finally had enough, and she was through with him, she thought.

She pulled the door quietly till it clicked behind her, and she moved forward into her freedom. The tears running down her red cheeks were an odd mix of fear and relief. But she pressed ahead into the dark night, not sure where she was going.

She just knew she was running from him. Forever.

She didn't realize that she was also running from something deep within herself. It was a part of her, of who she was, and wherever she was going, it was going too.

It would be a long night.



  1. Written as though you have seen the life I have lived...as many have lived...only sometimes the night is an "Alaskan Night".

  2. Yeah.

    More times than I want to admit, our home has been the one fled to.

    Life can be so very tough sometimes.

  3. They were lucky to have your place to flee to, Randall, very lucky...

  4. the tears are flowing here, Randall

    The only place I had to run was back to Jesus, which was the best place for me.

    god bless you and your family for the work you do in His name

  5. an update to my previous post.

    I have just been on another blog ---- "http://ambulancedriverfiles.blogspot.com/"

    and saw this.....

    "You said that the measure of a man's strength is not how proud he is when things are going right, but how much he's willing to humble himself when everything has gone wrong. And asking for help when you know you can't do it alone is a mark of courage, not cowardice."

    which hit me to the core.....

  6. "asking for help when you know you canĂ¢€™t do it alone"

    That realization is as much a step towards health as anything.
    For too many people they keep pushing and fighting thinking they can do it alone. And as long as they think that, there is little anyone can do for them.

    But that realization for many, is like a key that unlocks their ability to be helped.

    Hope you are doing OK Ian. It was good to meet you thins summer and hear a bit of your story. I've thought of you many times since then.



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