She's off.

Sunday, September 02, 2007
It seems that after two weeks of every one of our children in our home, they are starting the exodus. Tonight we took Hillary to the Bus Depot in Saskatoon for her trip to northern Alberta. She's been stressing over it all week, but by tonight she was nearly skipping to the bus, with five huge full suitcases mind you, but she was excited. She should arrive there tomorrow about 12:30, then her bible school education shall begin in earnest.

Tomorrow morning Johanna and Nate will be off to the coast where he will be working at a camp in the states, and she will be living in New-Westminster, looking for a job. Curse these bureaucratic heartless law makers that keep young love apart in different countries. Can't they see they are in love??

Anyway, they are off tomorrow and so we shall be down to just two.

The eldest of the two is starting grade 12 so in some ways is already leaving mentally. The youngest is finding it all quite difficult to handle. It's not easy being left behind, especially by those who have always been there before.  It's just really hard. Hopefully we can find some perks for staying at home.

But for now I'm off to bed. It's late and all these emotional good byes are catching up with me.



  1. First Sunday back includes church, football and family. Sounds like good work/life balance to me !

  2. We probably don't express it enough, but we love your kids too. We follow their lives with interest and with them going we also feel a sense of loss. You have great kids. We will miss them too - nothing like a parent for sure but I'm glad you can sort of keep us up to date in this space.


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