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Sunday, October 28, 2007
A long time ago I received a Gillette Fusion razor in the mail, kind of a try before you buy deal I guess, and I stuck it under the sink for emergencies. Well last night the emergency arrived. I had a 2 day growth of facial hair and needed to shave, and the only razors in the house were Lauralea's three blade, 5 in a pac for 99 cents deal. The last time I used one I tore off a swatch of my face which I am partial to.

But I have very sensitive skin, so most razors just don't do a good job of removing hair and leaving the skin on.

So last night I pulled out that Gillette bad boy from the package it was entombed in, lathered up and gave er a whirl.

Wowy wowy wow wow.

It. was. amazing.

I've never enjoyed such a shave, especially on a day two. On a day three I can use somewhat crap razors and get a good cut, but on a day two a smooth cut like that is just a dream. It could make shaving fun again.

Of course, like some corner pusher, now that I've tried it, Gillette will probably demand big bucks from me for every razor i NEED.

But it was one sweet ride while it lasted.

Their website is as cheesy and top heavy as it gets, not like the razor at all.

But I give it a three thumbs up. Give it a try.


  1. What kind of razor do you normally use? I stopped upgrading after the Mach 3, because I refused to pay the increasingly outrageous price for razors. Are you a Mach 3 user? How does it compare? My thinking was that at some point extra blades aren't going to make a noticeable difference...

  2. My Gillette Trac II is a big improvement over my dad's razor. Two blades!

  3. I like Mach 3 & it works just fine. Maybe I'll give a Fusion a try, but give me a break with the vibrating razor! (geek alert) Vibro Axes might be an actual weapon in the Star Wars world, but I'm not fighting a Rancor. I'm just shaving.

  4. I have normally used the Mach 3, but I tend to over use it, or use it too long, because I can't stand the thought of using such an expensive blade only a few times!!

    I know this new one will be costly, but I wondered if the extra blade or two would make it last longer...?

    Anyway, it "Feels" better than what I remember the Mach 3 as feeling. Smoother, gentler even. But it's been a while since I've uses a new Mach 3 blade.

    Might be worth a test.

  5. I may sound like a broken record, but I HIGHLY recommend using shaving oil rather than shaving cream or gel. I will never go back. It makes shaving a much smoother and enjoyable experience.

  6. Well, it's oil---all natural---manufactured specifically for shaving.

    I think I have a spare bottle somewhere...


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