Smell ya later

Friday, October 05, 2007
This morning in remembrance of my youth, I pulled out an old bottle of Brut and splashed it all over my face.

As I progress through the day there are sudden memories of my younger years when I was 15 or 16 and I had discovered aftershave which was just one of the benefits of this manly activity of shaving each morning.

I have since come to understand this Manly Activity as somewhat of a curse what with my sensitive skin and all. But when I put on some Brut I still have pleasent memories of younger days and less responsibilities.

So here's to this amazing gift of scent and the memories it instantly evokes.


  1. My boss gave me Stetson for Christmas in '96. Reminds me of Grandpa. :)

  2. I still enjoy that scent. It was a typical Christmas gift to most of the men in our family for many years.

    I think YOU should be the one to revive it, Randall......

    Here's to the BRUT! May he ever remind us of our youth...............

  3. Oh the memories.

    Pimples, a desperate desire to know a girl and the 'wonderful' smell of teenage armpits if you didn't use deodorant.

    Talking of which, the deodorant made a brilliant flame-thrower, and when the tin was empty it was just the right size for long-range air gun practice.


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